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We do the research so you can see the problems.

By presenting reliable, objective data in simple, visually compelling ways we help you pinpoint the areas of greatest need, making it easy to determine where you can do the most good.

We help you discover your power to change the world.

By connecting you to some of the world's best charitable organizations, we enable you to select aid opportunities based on their proven effectiveness in addressing the root causes of extreme poverty.

We make it easy for you to stay involved.

By streamlining the donation process, we make continued involvement with multiple organizations as simple and pleasant as possible. You control where every dollar goes, and you never receive any further correspondence unless you ask for it.


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Inkling Media wrote about how we are creating a new model for giving to great causes online

Steve, our Executive Director, wrote a short article on the history of the Maximin Project over at

Steve also did a 20-minute radio interview on All Sides with Ann Fisher (skip to 15:55)

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This is the best way to keep track of our progress as we continue to work toward our initial public beta. This is also where we will be sharing some of the videos, essays, and articles that continue to shape the philosophy and methodologies that drive the Maximin Project.

Talk to us in person

The Maximin Project is comprised of a small team of people from a wide variety of backgrounds including graphic design, web development, data visualization, economic development and advertising/journalism. However, at this point in our development, these are the people you should probably be talking to:

Steven Brown, PhD

Executive Director

Steven created the Maximin Project in direct response to his experience as an ethics instructor in the Philosophy Department at The Ohio State University. After several years of teaching, he came to realize that educating students about the ethics of extreme poverty was simply not enough. If those students were going to be mobilized into action, they needed to know how they could best invest their personal resources in providing efficient and effective aid to the people in greatest need. Leveraging his own past experience in web development, he founded the Maximin Project to work toward the creation of a well-designed, modern website focused on the elimination of extreme poverty.

Brian Estabrook

Human Development Coordinator

Brian joined the Maximin Project after receiving his M.A. in Peace & Justice Studies with a focus on Socioeconomic Development at the University of San Diego. He has fervently been exploring ways to overcome the challenges faced by the world's poorest since high school. After obtaining a B.A. in History from the Ohio State University and dedicating three years to social work with the poor and mentally ill population, he attended graduate school where he studied the challenges of land, food, and biofuels among the extremely impoverished in Mozambique. Equipped with extensive knowledge and empowered by a passion for social justice, Brian is excited to roll up his sleeves and put his research to work with the Maximin team.